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Wonder Woman Movie Silhouette Phone Case for iPhone and Galaxy

Take your favorite Amazon Princess wherever you go with this handy phone case featuring the regal poster for the Wonder Woman movie.


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When evil lurks on the horizon, there's only one Amazon warrior to call! This handy phone case, inspired by the Wonder Woman movie, depicts the world's greatest superheroine against an ominous sky. But with her battle armor on and enchanted weapons in hand, Diana is sure to triumph against the evils of Man's World. Answer the call! The ultra-thin firm outer shell of the case fully covers the back and sides of your phone while giving you complete access to all ports and functions. For the iPhone only, a thin padded silicone sleeve sits between the phone and the case, giving your phone an extra level of protection. Please note that due to the manufacturing process of these made-to-order phone cases, there are slight variations in the color of each case. Additionally, the exact placement of the artwork may not match precisely the product image shown on our website. Available for iPhone and Galaxy phones (use the Select Phone dropdown to choose the specific device).